Good Morning,everyone!



To be a good English speaker,
you need to practice but you need to know this;

Stay on target with a problem-solving model:
It’s extraordinarily easy to drift into mindless practice mode.
Keep yourself on task using the six-step problem solving model below.

Define the problem.
(What result did I just get?
What do I want this note/phrase to sound like instead?)

Analyse the problem.
(What is causing it to sound like this?)

Identify potential solutions.
(What can I tweak to make it sound more like I want?)

Test the potential solutions and select the most effective one.
(What tweaks seem to work best?)

Implement the best solution.
(Reinforce these tweaks to make the changes permanent.)

Monitor implementation.
(Do these changes continue to produce the results I’m looking for?

C U then

- Nori@Tokyo

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